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Report from Aberdeen reveals that travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses account for between 8% and 10% of total operating expenses
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A Checklist to Help Businesses Save Time and Money According to Aberdeen Research, over 9% of the average company’s overall budget is tied to travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses. A portion of this amount is waste, due primarily to errors, oversights, out-of-policy spending, and ineffective tracking processes. Read this checklist which...
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Explores how approximately 370 enterprises purchase, contract, monitor, and manage T&E as a whole
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Seamless travel and expense management: the benefits of an integrated T&E solution
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Helps identify T&E expense management strategies, capabilities, and technologies used by best-in-class performers
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Do you need to create an expenses policy for the first time? Or are you thinking about revising yours? Download this 6-page policy template to help you get started.
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Research reveals that transaction-processing automation frees the finance function to pursue high-value activities
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Learn what automated expense management is and how it is used, as well as some helpful suggestions on ways to start implementing a process that could help your organisation save time and money.
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Providing a suitable experience for the road warrior is the key to success in ensuring a cost effective expense management system
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Aberdeen explains why organisations must leverage next-generation solutions, such as mobile applications, to improve and enhance their existing expense management processes.