Concur Invoice for small and midsize businesses

Automate AP to cut costs, save time, and make more informed decisions across your business.

Get more out of your accounts payable process with automation

Managing invoices is one of the most important processes a company deals with on a day-to-day basis. Businesses often receive thousands of invoices each day and processing them all requires time, effort, and resources.

Given how critical invoice management is to fiscal health, why are so many businesses trusting this process to manual methods like spreadsheets or paper invoices?

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Every company can benefit from AP automation

AP automation isn’t a luxury reserved for big, complex companies. Small and midsize companies, where employees often need to wear many different hats, can also benefit greatly and do more with less when they automate AP. With Concur Invoice, businesses and business leaders can:

  • Get near real-time visibility and make data-driven decisions
  • Drive sustainable growth
  • Optimise performance and spend less time on tasks like data entry
  • Take control of spend and be more profitable

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Assess your AP process and see if your business is set up for success

For many businesses, shuffling paper is still how AP is managed. The result is often unhappy AP professionals, working much harder than they need to, on tasks that should be quick and easy. Take this AP risk assessment and see how well your business is running.

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Success stories: Opteon Property Group

Opteon is on a growth journey and integrated 17 companies into the business recently, each with different ways of paying invoices. With the support of the Concur platform, they have managed to bring all that into one standardised system giving them full visibility and transparency.

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Integrate with your existing systems and software

Finance apps are becoming essential for business efficiency. Concur Invoice is an invoice management tool that integrates seamlessly with other finance software, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, corporate credit cards, as well as Quickbooks and Xero connectors so that your invoice processes and reporting works efficiently with the tools that your business already uses.

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Concur Invoice pricing

Choose from our small and midsized invoice packages and find the solution that’s right for your business.



Automate AP processes for more visibility and control of spending.

What’s included:

  • Digitise invoice capture and processing including routing and approvals
  • Pre-built and customisable audit rules and workflows
  • Two- or three-way matching of purchase orders, invoices, and goods received
  • Automate payments with checks, ACH, and credit card vouchers


Variable pricing

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Get all of the features you get with Automate, plus additional insights into AP processes.

What’s included:

  • Personalised data views
  • Alerts that help you stay ahead of managing spend
  • Automated capture of details down to the line-item level
  • Spend less time on data entry and be more accurate


Variable pricing

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Get all of the features you get with Automate, plus more invoice tools to help optimise processes.

What’s included:

  • View and manage budgets directly within your SAP Concur solutions
  • Track money before it’s spent
  • Monitor budget performance
  • Get coaching from dedicated SAP Concur experts


Variable pricing

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Your AP team will be more efficient, your team will get reimbursed faster, and you'll find your organisation will be operating more smoothly.”

SAP Concur Small Business User

See how we can help simplify your AP process


Concur Invoice integrates with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting system.

Customisable workflow

Diverse and automated workflow options are available for both invoices and purchase requisitions.


Concur compares invoices to purchase orders and records of received goods and services, saving time and ensuring supplier compliance.

Supplier portal

A secure place for suppliers to track the progress of invoices and payments reduces questions to AP and procurement.


Automated supplier payments, including BACs, cheques and credit card feeds, improve the productivity of AP staff and help companies manage cash flow better.


Pre-defined reports and powerful business intelligence tools offer businesses visibility into spending, before it’s spent.

SAP Concur has a better way to handle spend management

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Why Concur Invoice?

  • Get near real-time visibility and make data-driven decisions
  • Drive sustainable growth
  • Optimise performance and spend less time on tasks like data entry
  • Take control of spend and be more profitable

“Smartsalary really represents a smarter way to do things. And one of the big focuses we have here is on LEAN and how can we make processes simple and easy for our staff to do. And something Concur’s really been able to allow us to do is capture a smart way to do accounts payable processing.”

Anita Nicole Sanchez, Financial Controller, Smartsalary

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