Duty of Care solutions

Enhance your duty of care solution to support your business travellers and employees when they need it most

Why duty of care matters

Any time an employee travels for work, there’s a risk that something could go wrong. As a business leader, it’s your moral and legal obligation to ensure that every employee stays as safe as possible on the road. Take the quiz to assess your organisation’s travel risk, and then download our eBook to learn about duty of care fundamentals. Your travel risk management programme should allow you to:

  • Pinpoint any employee, anywhere, quickly and accurately
  • Communicate with employees at a moment’s notice
  • Send out alerts about any unexpected events
  • Offer your employees local assistance if necessary

Duty of care fundamentals Assess your risk

Support every business traveller using accurate, consolidated location data

Data from Concur Travel, travel management companies, HR profiles, location check-ins, and Concur TripLink bookings provide the valuable insights you need. Now you can support every employee, no matter where travel is booked.

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Visibility to support employees, no matter where they are

Whether they’re on the road or in a home office, ensure you consolidate every piece of travel data to quickly determine which employees are affected by an emergency, so you can manage safety risks.

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Duty of care is too big to tackle alone

Keeping employees safe in a complex world is no small task. To help you fulfill duty of care obligations, SAP Concur products and our App Center partners work together so you can stay connected and alert people quickly in an emergency.

  • Consolidate travel and itinerary data from any source
  • View neighborhood and LGBTQ safety scores
  • Find health clinics and medical assistance

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Support your employees as they return to travel

Travel and spending are about to change again. Are you ready? Travel programs must deliver duty of care for all employees travelling. SAP Concur solutions help you adapt to the new spending and travel reality, making the leaps in strategy, process and technology. So that no matter where you’re going, you can go forward with confidence.

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