Your Most Important Duty is Duty of Care

duty of care

5 Tips for Employee Health and Safety 

Ensuring the health and safety of travellers and other employees is a legal – and moral – responsibility for travel and HR managers. The need is clear – 85% of risk professionals say the world is more dangerous than a year ago – but the difficulty is evident when 98% of travel managers lack the timely information to effectively perform their roles.

To help businesses fulfill duty of care responsibilities, SAP Concur and International SOS, a leader in global health management and traveller safety, have combined resources on a guide to help managers perform the single most important part of their job.

Looking closely at five focuses, it can help guide a company from concern to practice and be ready for the change ahead:

  • Obtain and integrate reliable, timely data on health advisories, security updates, and other disruptions.
  • Conduct regular reviews of risks that can affect your business and its employees.
  • Recognise health incidents are a more common than security ones, making employee education and on-the-ground medical resources a priority.
  • Focus on mental health, by promoting awareness and providing counseling and coping tools for employees.
  • Help keep those working from home safe by establishing guidelines for home office safety and creating opportunities to interact.

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