Protecting margins, managing compliance, and minimising risk for consumer goods and services companies

Expense management matters to consumer products companies. Better visibility, streamlined processes, and artificial intelligence give you more control over spending and compliance, and drives better business efficiencies.

Digitalisation offers more efficiency and transparency

Be digital-first so you can move fast. Digitalising your travel and expense management processes makes your business more efficient and your employees more productive.

You can rely on automation and an integrated system to eliminate clunky, manual steps while still capturing all expenditure, providing real-time visibility and drill-down analytics.

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Improve the employee experience for more engaged workers

Employee engagement leads to ideas and productivity. How often do your employees complain about how time consuming or tedious it is to complete their expense reports? With consumer-grade mobile tools that your employees will be eager to use, automation that makes their lives easier, and the ability to eliminate paper altogether, SAP Concur can free up your workers’ time so they can do more creative, valuable, and enjoyable tasks.

Meanwhile, you can keep them safer when they’re on the road and let them use their preferred travel apps like Uber and Airbnb without compromising company policy. The result is happier, more productive employees and cost savings for your business.

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Reduce costs and increase savings to improve margins

When you’re operating on thin margins, every cent counts. You need tools that help you reduce costs, find savings, negotiate better deals, and see in advance what expenses are likely to affect your budget.

SAP Concur gives you full visibility so budget owners can see what’s happening, when it’s happening with real-time alerts that let managers know when spending exceeds policies or budget thresholds are met. This gives you better control over your cash flow.

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Manage fraud risk and improve compliance

Fraud and non-compliance create real risks for your business. SAP Concur provides the robust monitoring, data gathering and insights, and policy enforcement capabilities companies need.

SAP Concur also helps you stay ahead of changing regulatory, tax, and other compliance requirements to avoid unnecessary costs and distractions, while protecting your brand from negative publicity associated with non-compliance.

Using artificial intelligence to audit for fraud and ensure all expenditure complies with policies and regulations, SAP Concur can review expense reports across currencies and languages. It can also help you track and reclaim foreign value-added tax (VAT) so you don’t lose what’s rightfully yours, and it reconciles all relevant data to ensure accurate payments.

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SAP Concur connects a variety of spending together in a single solution

Concur Travel and Expense

Offer mobile tools that keep employees productive wherever they are. Plus, discover a more reliable, consolidated view of spend that you can act on.

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Concur Audit

Increase cost savings by identifying and reducing non-compliant spend and risk of fraud. Improve tax and regulatory compliance.

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Concur Invoice

Reduce the hours, effort, and costs put into the entire accounts payable process. Streamline payments to avoid penalties, take control of cash flow, improve security and productivity.

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