Managing compliance, fraud, and risk

Policy compliance and fraud are challenges that every business faces. With the right tools, your business can increase compliance, mitigate risk, and stop fraud in its tracks.

Build a culture of compliance across your organisation

Fraud and noncompliance hurt businesses of every size. Download our tip sheet and learn what your organisation can do to control employee spending, make policy compliance easy for employees, and reduce losses due to accidental errors or fraudulent activities.

  • Gain visibility into spend to spot noncompliance, navigate regulatory changes, and reduce fraud risks
  • Create a spend policy with guidance on steps, after workflows, and approvals
  • Create an audit trail for every transaction and expense report

Get the tip sheet Build more resiliency

Now is the time to rethink auditing and your T&E program

Using technology to audit spending can help you spot issues before they become costly problems. Download the eBook and learn five ways you can assess your current auditing process, and then read the blog to see how simplifying VAT reclaim can lead to a more resilient travel and expense (T&E) program, and then learn tips on how to better manage, detect and prevent fraud.

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Expense risk: can you track and verify all the ways your employees spend today?

SAP Concur provides the robust monitoring, data gathering and insights, and policy enforcement capabilities companies need. For example, using Concur, employees can submit expenses for preapproval to help catch out-of-policy spend before it happens. Based on pre-set business rules, it can flag duplicate expenses or out-of-policy travel bookings before they’re paid.

Download whitepaper Tips for visibility

Better manage compliance and risk with these SAP Concur solutions

Concur Expense

Integrate expense data and allow your company to manage spending anywhere, anytime.

Learn about Concur Expense

Intelligent Audit

Let our global team of auditors handle expense audits and give your employees more time to focus on other tasks.

Learn about Intelligent Audit

Concur Detect

Let AI and machine learning help you analyze expense reports, speed up auditing, and resolve noncompliance issues.

Learn about Concur Detect

Consultative Intelligence

Get expert insights, analysis, and reports on spending and make informed decisions more quickly for your business.

Learn about Consultative Intelligence

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