6 Ways to Increase Audit Efficiency to Improve Spend Management

Increase Audit Efficiency to Improve Spend Management

Your organisation's ability to adapt and grow is directly tied to your willingness and ability to change. Because the future is unknown, you must be prepared to adapt to anything that comes your way if you want to keep moving ahead.  

Your expense audit process plays a key role in increasing your organisational agility. By discovering and readmitting spend issues before they impact your bottom line, you can be sure you are ready for whatever the market throws at you next.  

An effective audit process is also the foundation for maintaining compliance in all its forms, allowing your organisation to increase control of your biggest source of spending, ensure employee spend takes place with preferred suppliers, help reclaim eligible GST / AT and follow local tax rules, reduce fraud, and more.   

This ebook suggests six ways to improve the efficiency of your current expense report audit process, reduce exceptions, and advance your compliance and spend management. Here’s a preview of the first three ways. Download the ebook to learn more details and the other three strategies.   

  1. Reduce non-compliant spend by encouraging audit-friendly spend channels
  2. Free up time for more strategic work by improving your first-pass ratio
  3. Ensure all employee expenses are well spent by integrating AI into your audit process