Pay only what you owe

Optimise your meal entertainment Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) calculation.

How much meal entertainment FBT do you owe?

The answer depends on the method selected to calculate the taxable value of the benefit provided. What’s certain is you can’t afford to overpay your FBT obligations.

50/50 method

It's simple but it's not precise

Actual expenditure method

It's precise but reliant on accurate data

12-week register method

Calendars and calculators are required

Concur Expense makes it clear

Concur Expense delivers the data and insight to make the right choice and avoid overpayment. Your company can capture granular attendee expense data and use that data to select the optimal method for calculating your taxable entertainment benefit.

The FBT reporting module empowers your business to:
Save money

View a real-time snapshot that displays which FBT method – the 50/50 split or Actual – will cost more money. By capturing detailed attendee data, Concur can calculate the amount of FBT for each attendee.

Make better policy decisions

Report on your company’s FBT liability to date against budgeted FBT liability, which helps you make informed decisions about entertainment policy.

Gain insight about top spenders

Quickly identify the highest spenders of entertainment and the nature of that spend, for example, if it’s occurring locally or only whilst travelling.

Analyse spend

Gain high-level insight into the company’s entertainment spend for the year.