Fit n Fast

Fit n Fast has reduced time and costs associated with expense report processing.

Fit n Fast, with a focus on providing customers with results-driven, affordable and flexible fitness solutions, had a paper-based expense management system that was flabby and time consuming. Process improvements were critical to achieve greater accuracy and efficiency, curtail out-of-pocket expenses, and ensure compliance with national and local tax requirements and regulations. With Concur, Fit n Fast has reduced time and costs associated with expense report processing, eliminated personal expenses on the corporate card, gained insight into employee travel spend and trends, and significantly reduced the time finance staff invests in T&E administration. The system has transformed timeliness of expense report submission, enhanced traveler satisfaction, and streamlined the approval process.

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We’re a growing business and Concur is a great support for our backoffice processes which has provided fast results with the promise of long-term savings. Concur has helped us refine our business processes in alignment with the benefits we offer our clients: fast, top-of-the-line services, uncompromised quality, and visible results."

- Grace Zhu, Accountant, Fit n Fast




Sydney, Australia


Concur Expense

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