Diabetes NSW & ACT

Diabetes NSW & ACT reduces costs and increases efficiencies with Concur Invoice and Concur Expense


SAP Concur has enabled Diabetes NSW & ACT to work in a decentralised manner across locations with full visibility of expenses and invoice tracking by both the business and the finance function. Diabetes NSW & ACT was able to reduce their AP function FTE by half, generating savings in the finance team while also increasing their service levels.

SAP Concur was a central part of the organisation’s ‘Better Together’ program which saw Diabetes NSW & ACT and Diabetes QLD start operations under one central finance team structure.

Lain Gonzalez said, “The biggest benefit to the business has been visibility. We now have a really clear view of what’s coming in and when, rather than waiting for the paper to cross our desks. We can trace details of specific invoices, what stage they are at, and whether they have been paid. SAP Concur has made the expense and invoice process so much easier than it used to be.


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