Harvard Business Review report: Positioning the Finance Office to Champion a Truly Data-driven Organisation

Covid-19 caused severe disruption in companies around the world, but it also injected a sense of urgency into accelerating the adoption of digital practices in everyday business. CFOs are having to look at processes and understand what the impact is. The enterprises that were able to weather the storm of the pandemic were those already driven by data and were ready to make quick decisions, prioritise high-revenue streams, and cut down costs.

Finance now sits at the crossroads of IT strategy and business intelligence. 

Download this Harvard Business Review report to learn more about:

  • the opportunities and benefits of championing a data-led approach to doing business
  • addressing resistance to change and other barriers
  • best practices for a successful data journey
  • how Finance Leaders from organisations including SAP Concur customer BlueScope Steel are embracing data for better decision-making