SAP Concur whitepaper with Accenture: Meeting new expectations

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As organisations steer toward a new normal, employee expectations about work can’t be ignored. Increasingly, workers hold employers responsible for their satisfaction and well-being, as 78% recently told SAP Concur partner Accenture.

Replacing an employee can cost up to two times their salary, so the stakes are high. Travel and expense (T&E) can be a focus of frustration, especially with hybrid work and employees facing shifting policies and finding themselves rusty with technology and processes. The finance team feels the pain.

Just 26% of executives say they effectively handled T&E reports – Oxford Economics

A recent SAP Concur whitepaper, produced in conjunction with Accenture, identifies three pillars of improving the employee experience.

#1. Connect Employees to a Reimagined Experience: Build an effortless, intuitive solution for spend management.

#2. Prove What Matters to Them Matters to You: Prioritise equity, sustainability, and well-being.

#3. Free Finance Teams for the Work They’re Meant to Do: Eliminate bottlenecks and improve efficiency.

Read the whitepaper and gain insights into how reimagining spend management can make work and life better for employees.