The Tools CFOs Need for Smart Growth

If your business is in growth mode, you need to understand the rhythms of your cash flow and be able to proactively smooth out bumps in the road. This requires real-time visibility into the entire cycle and knowing when it makes sense to, for example, pay a supplier invoice early to get a discount. 

Smart spending decisions pave the way to successful business expansion. So how do you, as the finance leader, gain visibility and control over all discretionary spending?

A new paper by SAP Concur, “The Tools CFOs Need for Smart Growth,” explains how: by deploying a unified system that integrates expense management with ERP and other financial reporting tools and leverages automation and artificial intelligence to efficiently manage accounts payable processes and travel and expense spending and policies. 

You’ll learn:

  • Why roadblocks in managing expenses keep companies from reaching their growth potential
  • Why automating accounts payable simplifies the end-to-end process, delivering huge benefits ranging from the elimination of costly errors to freeing finance staff to focus on value-added activities
  • How cash flow and spending visibility are tied to managing risk and achieving growth potential
  • How modern tools can help manage an expansion of the workforce, a move into a new international territory, or other challenges that come with moving the business forward

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