CFO Insights: In Another Year of Uncertainty, CFOs Become Champions of Business Resiliency

man and woman working on computer together

With high inflation, rising interest rates, ongoing supply disruptions, persistent talent shortages, and increasing costs across all business areas, no company is the same. Every challenge so far has created a completely changed environment that includes diverse work arrangements, slimmer organisational charts, and more strategic spending.

But now, CFOs are keeping an eye on a new risk emerging on the horizon: a potential global recession. In times like this, organisations – especially finance – cannot afford to disregard opportunities that could strengthen their longstanding position.

To grow resilience in the uncertain times, it requires CFOs to establish intelligent and sustainable foundation that touches every angle of the business. In this paper, CFOs at global SAP business units share their best practices for digital investments, inflation management, sustainability strategy, and talent retention.

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