Integrated travel and expense management: The benefits of an end-to-end solution

Businesses have not always seen a connection between travel and expense (T&E) management. But since the majority of expense line items are a result of business travel, companies are increasingly considering the use of one solution to cover both processes.

When you combine T&E, some questions are easier to answer:

  • Are expense claims aligned to my travel policy?
  • Where can I find a full picture of T&E spend?
  • Can I reclaim some international VAT?

To integrate T&E management, businesses usually look for software that can manage both processes from beginning to end. This is commonly referred to as an end-to-end solution. The term end-to-end is used in the context of business performance. The premise is that any business process can be improved if unnecessary stages are removed. The results could be cost savings, faster delivery or even increases in customer or user satisfaction.