More Than a Matter of Safety

Workplace mobility was already a rapidly evolving topic prior to 2020. Then nearly everything changed. Companies all over the world were forced to rethink what they thought they knew about how and where work gets done. That meant reinventing many policies and procedures designed to manage employees, whether they worked in the office, from home, or in the field. Due to a dizzying pace of change and the emergence of serious new risk categories, employers developed a new sense of urgency when it came to protecting the health and safety of their people.

With the renewed emphasis on duty of care, companies are embracing the fact that business travellers are exposed to ever-changing and sometimes significant risks to their health and safety. From a business perspective, duty of care is now seen as a strategic tool; a way not only to protect workers and increase travel safety but also to strengthen and sustain organisations.

As mobile and remote working models become increasingly prevalent, certain trends are shaping the global workforce, influencing the employee experience, and affecting companies’ approach to duty of care. 

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