How to Battle Fraud and Compliance Issues in the Public Sector

If you are in a public institution, you bear a unique responsibility when it comes to employee travel, expense, and invoicing. We know that in state and local, as well as in higher education, transparency and accountability are paramount. With access to public funds come a greater sense of obligation and a higher level of fiscal responsibility. Officials in the public sector and higher education are challenged to fulfill that critical responsibility since they are often saddled with manual processes and siloed data. These outdated methods get in the way of travel, expense, and invoice risk and compliance management.

Download the whitepaper to take a look at the challenges surrounding travel, expense, and invoice management in state and local government, as well as in higher education. You'll also get to see how cutting-edge tools from SAP Concur help address these complexities, and consider the next steps available to public sector leaders and others looking to mitigate fraud and promote policy compliance.