Oxford Economics: Managing SMB Growth - How Cost Conscious Planning Helps Businesses Scale Up

As a leader at a growing small or midsize business (SMB), you can’t afford to waste resources – neither time nor capital. To ignite and maintain successful growth, your employees will need to spend more to drive growth – for example, on travel, goods, and services. The question is, how can you keep spending under control and ensure it’s being directed toward what matters most? 

A new Oxford Economics study based on a global survey of 500 decision-makers at small, medium, and large businesses – each of which grew in the past year – sheds light on how successful companies are answering this question.

Learn about:

  • What’s driving their growth strategies
  • How time and money get stretched when SMBs grow 
  • Why cost-conscious SMBs are better at budgeting 
  • How cost consciousness enables greater agility to react to market changes in real time

Download the paper now to learn from your peers and chart your own journey to efficient growth.