Finance in the New World of Work in Australia

With little doubt, 2020 will be remembered as the year when working from home became a norm. The years of digital transformation preceding it has removed some of the bigger stumbling blocks associated with this mode of work. Transformation, however, didn’t quite reach some of the more mundane processes in organisations − finance and administrative processes, for instance, remain manual and tedious.

The SAP Concur Finance in the New World of Work study takes a look at the expectations of employees across Australia (and Asia Pacific) for finance and administrative processes to better support new ways of digital work and life, including less time spent and hassle around expense claims, more flexible business travel arrangements, and better support for remote working.

32% of Australian organisations still run manual finance and administrative processes, taking up employee time that can otherwise be used for productive work, a situation that may be costing Australia US$2.07 billion of GDP.

Download today to learn more about the Australia specific findings, and read the original research for broader APAC related insights.