The customer journey to an automated expense program

As businesses search for ways to cut costs without compromising business performance, automation continues to top the list of game-changing technologies. By automating business processes, companies can remove tedious, time consuming tasks and let talented, creative staff members contribute to more valuable activities. 

Additionally, many business owners believe they’re too small to benefit from automation or that potential solutions would be too expensive. In fact, automation is available to businesses of all sizes through cloud- based solutions and monthly subscriptions.  

There are four key steps to identifying and implementing an automated expense management solution: 

  1. Your business case for an automated expense management program
  2. Choosing the right business partner
  3. Successful implementation and change management
  4. Benefits of an automated expense program

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"A new automated system was a must-have for a quicker close-off of the accounting period and more accuracy in reporting." Mirette Tobia, accounts payable manager, Sullair Australia