Uncover Savings from Meal and Entertainment Expenses (FBT)

FBT savings from meal and entertainment expenses

Are you looking at ways to uncover real hard-dollar savings and control company expenses?

Managing and calculating the meals and entertainment FBT Liability is at the top of the list—but it can be incredibly challenging. However, in an economic climate where expenses are increasing and budgets are shrinking, you simply cannot afford to over-calculate your FBT obligations, nor choose the wrong method of calculation. So make sure you have the tools in place to optimise the calculation processes—and start delivering real savings back to your business.

This is your organisation’s opportunity to rethink strategically and invest toward making relative gains against your competition while avoiding misjudging your FBT calculation methods. It’s as simple as identifying the attendees that attract FBT—and SAP Concur’s solution has the power to help you do just that (we can also help you benchmark against your preferred and current method).

Download this white paper to understand how technology can help optimise the FBT meal and entertianment calculation processes and start delivering real savings back to your business.