Expense claim auditing: clipboards and checklists to make sure you dot the i’s and cross the t’s

invoice management process

Every now and then, all businesses need a spring cleaning. After you open the windows and go nuts with the dust brush, Concur can throw on the gloves and give your organisation a thorough going-over to enforce policies, catch misuse or instances of fraud and cut excessive business costs.

How Concur’s audit management system works:

  • You choose the level of expense audit that’s right for your organisation
  • Concur conducts audit of expenses based on best practice and personalised rules
  • Identified exceptions are resolved directly with the employee
  • Concur provides reports in detail and in a monthly summary

It’s simple for you because we do the dirty work. With Expense Claim Auditing, after we’re done organisations can verify line item expenses against submitted receipts while ensuring that purchases are in compliance. Don’t like paper receipts? We can handle those for you as well with the Paper Receipt Handling service. Besides keeping your hands clean, you can:

Reduce costs and save time

  • Control employee spend, reduce audit expenses costs and ensure compliance
  • Reduce waste, misuse and abuse proactively with expense auditing
  • Save time by having Concur manage the audit of expenses process for you
  • Delegate receipt imaging responsibilities

Take control and verify expenses

  • Gain increased control of your expense claim process
  • Verify and audit receipts quickly
  • Ensure expenses are classified properly for GST and FBT reporting

Told you it was thorough.