Service administration got you down? We can do that too.

If you’re overwhelmed with (or too busy for) software service management, let us take care of it for you. We don’t mind. Regularly reviewing and configuring Concur’s system to your organisation’s unique needs is very important – if a bit tedious. Service Administration can help you manage the specific configuration – from staying abreast of new features and updates to taking control of day-to-day system maintenance.

How Service Administration works

A Concur advisor provides ongoing oversight of your Concur solution. The service focuses on assisting with the maintenance of the administrative features within Concur, including:

  • Addressing your initial and ongoing needs as your Concur solution is in production or as changes are implemented in production systems
  • Recommending best-in-class configurations to optimise compliance, establish user permissions and define compliance rule settings to help identify policy violations
  • Maintaining basic system configuration such as activation or deactivation of functionality as required
  • Monitoring application processes and jobs to ensure successful completion and compliance, while troubleshooting errors should they occur
  • Assist with identifying usage gaps and formulating strategies to ensure maximum deployment
  • Reviewing monthly service update notes to offer advice (since updates may affect your configuration) on which features to activate
  • Identifying common user challenges and advising how you can educate your users on these issues

Optimise personnel

With Service Administration, there is no need for internal personnel to spend time in training or executing system administrative tasks on an ongoing basis.

Discover improvements

Concur’s recommendations for configuration and monitoring of ongoing operations will result in improvements depending on how best practices have been tailored to your environment.