Three types of expense data

Working behind the scenes and in the cloud, computing technology from Concur combines the itinerary data from your booking, the corporate card charges incurred on the road and electronic receipts (e-receipts) captured directly from the supplier to create a Smart Expense™ – a trusted transaction that breaks the endless cycle of expense claim monotony by automatically populating the expense claim.

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Whitepaper: Mobile Technology - Modern Expense Management


Bringing to life global data from the Concur Connect program, Concur pioneered the delivery of electronic receipts – complete, live and electronic folio data directly from airlines, hotels, and car hire companies that contains the entire record of a supplier transaction. These online receipts feed directly into expense claims to save time and ensure information is accurate. This means complete expense management on a higher plane.


Smart expenses

A Smart Expense is truly an expense you don’t have to worry about. All three sources of data generated during the normal course of travel are automatically recorded and reconciled to ensure accuracy or flag problems. With Smart Expenses, airline, hotel or car hire expenses are taken out of the hands of employees and managed automatically based on the policies and audit rules you have chosen.

Smart end-to-end travel and expense management

With Concur, employees plan and book their travel based on your organisation’s policies. Because it's all one seamless process, the traveller's itinerary is captured – whether booked on-line or through the travel agency – and continually monitored for changes or updates. This also initiates the expense claim process.

Concur automatically populates your credit card and travel purchases into your expense claims, so completing them is quick and easy. Since all itinerary data has already been captured, the system actually "knows" which charges occurred during the course of business travel. Now, booked or itinerary travel data can be compared to actual expenses within the travel and expense management process. Variances can be instantly identified, policies can be enforced and suppliers can be monitored for compliance with negotiated rates.

The result of Concur's unique and industry-first process is a three-dimensional, complete view of travel transactions, from the moment they were booked, through any changes and updates, all the way to when the expense was finally incurred. All of this data flows automatically into Concur without the need for error-prone manual data entry. Add a level of detail for a vast majority of transactions through participating e-receipt vendors, and it's easy to see why Smart Expenses are actually, very smart.