Features and services to make your job easier.


Clear the way with a set of features and services when you need it

Remember how nice birthdays are when someone else does your chores while you put your feet up? Well, it’s probably someone’s birthday so why not let us take care of the details so you can maximise your investment, save time and find something better to do?

Concur offers a comprehensive suite of software and service solutions (on demand, cloud computing goodness) to help you stay focused on the prize while managing the travel and expense process – from managing reimbursements, auditing solutions, creating customised reports, streamlining invoice processing, acting as your help desk or helping you maintain your system. You choose what you need, now or later, to complete your system.

Our features and services are designed to maximise your investment. Concur provides guidance and hands-on expertise so you can utilise the solutions effectively and realise a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Features and Services

Concur empowers you with the timely business information you need to better control your company’s overall spend
Enforce policies, catch misuse and cut excessive business costs while saving time
Ensure your employees have the reliable, 24x7 support they need
Salesforce and Concur make a great combination to provide visibility and ease-of-use
Delegate system oversight – from implementing new service features, to controlling day-to-day service maintenance, employee updates, etc.
Automate the manual process of collecting, submitting, tracking and paying supplier invoices and cheque requests
Our solution enables companies to keep in contact with employees while they are travelling and communicate with them in urgent situations – no matter where they are