Locate & Alert – Communicate with Employees Wherever They Are

When unexpected events occur, it’s important that companies protect their most valuable assets – their people. With employee business Duty of Care top of mind, Australian companies have the obligation to assess travel risks and take reasonable measures to protect their employees - whether employees are on a business trip, on holiday or at home.

Concur’s exclusive business Locate & Alert tool gives organisations the ability to identify and confirm the location of their employees and communicate with them in urgent situations – no matter where they are. When routine or unplanned circumstances require quick and efficient contact, Locate & Alert is ready.

Complete View. See employee locations throughout the globe in one complete view.

How Locate and Alert works

An employee’s default location is determined by their primary work location and is automatically updated based on their travel itineraries booked through Concur or shared with TripIt® Pro. Employees can also “check-in” at their discretion using Concur’s mobile application. The Locate & Alert tool also provides organisations with the ability to:

  • View a global map showing current, past or future employee locations and pinpoint within specific kilometer radius.
  • Use two-way communication via outbound voice, text message, email and Twitter direct message.
  • Restrict access to information for executives and employees with sensitive schedules.
  • Allow employees to provide their GPS coordinates and request assistance via mobile device.
  • Monitor outgoing messages, messages in process and response rates in real-time for focused attention.
View Specific Locations. Pinpoint locations within a designated radius.