See How Simple Your Organisation’s AP Process Can Be with Concur Invoice


When your organisation depends on taxpayer and grant dollars, leaving money on the table is not an option. As budgets get tighter ...
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Empower Your People with the Processes and Technology They Need to Make Every Dollar Count


Organisations like yours that depend on taxpayer dollars or grants know the importance of making every dollar count, so you can fu...
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How Can Technology Help Control Government Spending?



As a government professional, you know how much people depend on your programs. You also know that budgets are ti...
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Celebrating How Customers Run Their Best - SAP Concur 2020 Innovation Award



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Extending TripIt Pro to Help All Travellers

The impacts of the COVID-19 virus on travel are fluid and dynamic. As this global situation develops, we’re seeing increases in flight sched...
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Webinar On Demand: Fraud Risk & Compliance - Why Early Detection is Your Strongest Weapon


Tune into our on-demand webinar on Fraud, Risk & Compliance and why prevention and early detection is your strongest weapon ag...
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AI and Machine Learning at Work


For a lot of people, the words “artificial intelligence” (AI) fit neatly into a futuristic, sci-fi narrative that goes somethi...
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See How Robots Help Businesses Save Time

Automation is already an integral part of daily life at home, from customer service chat bots to automated monthly payments. And now artificial int...
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Do You Need to Manage Your Expenses Better?


If you're concerned about keeping your company’s travel and expenses down, then the first thing to do is make sure that every...
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Automating your expense processes as a small business


Let’s face it – everyone dreads tedious, time-consuming expense spreadsheets. For busy small businesses, this is especially th...
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