Invoice 3 Way Match

Gain Visibility into Your Exceptions and Mismatches with 3-Way Match

Three-way matching is vital to your business, but can be very labour intensive. The process may involve an entire team of people, countless hours of work and endless manual entry errors.

It can also be incredibly ine cient—especially when things don’t match up, there are exceptions, or you get invoiced for more than you receive. This can also result in delaying payments to vendors, which may ultimately prevent you from taking early payment discounts.

Concur’s 3-Way Match makes this process easier by automating the work ow for you. It reduces manual errors and streamlines the process to give you more visibility into your spending.

This brochure provides an integration overview to help you understand how SAP Concur completes the 3-Way Match by passing data between SAP Concur and external systems, allowing SAP Concur to automate your time-consuming tasks, and your business to focus on what matters most.