Webinar On Demand: Fraud Risk & Compliance - Why Early Detection is Your Strongest Weapon

Tune into our on-demand webinar on Fraud, Risk & Compliance and why prevention and early detection is your strongest weapon against increasingly sophisticated financial crime. The webinar  features guest speaker Jason Forsyth, Partner at Deloitte's Forensic Practice | Risk Advisory who will provide insights on the latest trends and areas of organisational risk.


Over the past few decades, it’s well known that major companies across the world and locally have experienced financial fraud resulting in capital markets turmoil, impacting the trust level of the organisation's brand, shareholder loss of value, and in some cases even company bankruptcy.


Without a robust corporate culture, clear visibility into financial transactions and targeted policies governing employee spend, detecting and preventing fraud can be almost impossible.


In this webinar, we’ll share how organisations can combat this seemingly impossible task and how you can leverage the most advanced technology and skilled people to analyse supplier invoices, expenses, receipts, credit card transactions and travel bookings to mitigate risk while building a preventative mindset.