See How Simple Your Organisation’s AP Process Can Be with Concur Invoice

When your organisation depends on taxpayer and grant dollars, leaving money on the table is not an option. As budgets get tighter and public scrutiny of spending becomes more intense, fiscal responsibility is critical. Stories of fraud, waste, abuse, and unhappy vendors can leave a stain on your reputation – making it harder to fulfill your mission.

Your accounts payable (AP) team acts as the gatekeeper and guardian of much of your organisation’s spend. It is up to them to make sure that every purchase is valid, vendor invoices are tracked and recorded accurately, bills are paid on time, cash flow is optimised, and fraud and waste is quickly identified and avoided. Purchasing is spread across increasingly siloed departments and individuals have even greater autonomy over what to buy. This can make invoicing processes so complex that staying on top of it all – let alone performing in-depth invoice and spend analytics – can feel next to impossible.

AP processes that run on paper, e-mail, and spreadsheets are both time-consuming and error-prone. Manually consolidating invoices, recording expenses, gathering approvals, and setting payment schedules can result in lost or incomplete records, delayed invoices, and late or duplicated payments. And, with more and more invoices to process, the ability to scrutinise each one goes down – increasing the risk of fraud, waste, and abuse.

Imagine a world where invoice management is fast and efficient and you have complete visibility into every step of the process. Now you can with the Concur Invoice solution.

Our self-guided demo lets you walk through invoice capture, processing, and payment so you can see for yourself how simple it can be.

With Concur Invoice, you can automatically:

  • Capture vendor invoices with mail, e-mail, or electronically using OCR technology and SAP Leonardo Artificial Intelligence capabilities
  • Route the invoice back to whomever made the purchase to verify any missing information
  • Provide user-friendly drop downs for fields such as purchase class and distribution code, so users can better ensure this data is correct
  • Let managers review and approve invoices from anywhere via a simple, intuitive mobile app
  • Give your AP team near-real-time dashboard updates of all vendor invoices
  • Provide a complete audit trail of every status change for every invoice
  • Finalise your invoice with a single click – uploading it to your ERP system for payment
  • Manage payment schedules by batch to maximise on discounts and optimise cash flow
  • Pay your suppliers right on schedule through card, bank transfer, other automated system, or by teaming up with one of our payment-provider partners

Organisations like yours around the world are streamlining invoice processing to dramatically reduce costs and gain greater control over accounts payable. Isn’t it time you see for yourself what Concur Invoice can do? Help your AP team work smarter so your people have more time and budget to focus on the programs you offer and the people you serve.

Check out our self-guided demo now. Then contact us at to see how you can get on the path to faster, more effective invoice management.


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