How automation will future-proof small businesses

The global business landscape is changing more than ever before. Some businesses are just beginning to re-open their doors, while others have had to adapt to a vastly different environment in order to continue operations.

To thrive in this new business environment, small and medium sized businesses need to become more resilient, scalable and agile. Automated technology, such as expense and invoice management, can ease the pressure for business owners and their staff, allowing them to increase efficiency and focus on core income-generating activities.

Automation is no longer exclusive to enterprise businesses. SMBs can now take advantage of automated cloud technologies that provide access to world-class, affordable tools that support business continuity.

There are six ways expense automation can help SMBs to future-proof their operation: 

  1. Increase efficiency
  2. Enhance employee experience
  3. Improve accuracy
  4. Provide control
  5. Support through change
  6. Ensure sustainability

Read more about the details from Fabian Calle, managing director - SMB, SAP Concur ANZ in Inside Small Business

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