Empower Your People with the Processes and Technology They Need to Make Every Dollar Count


Organisations like yours that depend on taxpayer dollars or grants know the importance of making every dollar count, so you can fulfill your mission to the people or students you serve. Plus, with the public eye sharply focused on how well you’re doing, fiscal responsibility, compliance, accuracy, and accountability are critical to maintaining people’s trust.

Effective spend management is the key to ensuring every employee at your organisation is making wise spending choices. But as your organisations grows, finance leaders must maintain spend control and oversight over more people and increasingly siloed departments without overburdening individuals and teams with clumsy, time-consuming expense and invoice management processes. Today’s workforce expects to have the same level of convenience and ease-of-use with technology at work as they do at home – and falling short can mean they take their skills elsewhere.

Yet so many organisations like yours are still using paper, e-mail, and spreadsheet-based processes that waste employees’ time and make it hard for finance to control costs and ensure compliance – opening the door for mismanagement of funds, incorrect payments, and even fraud.  

This is where IT comes in.

By helping finance leaders empower employees with the right spend management technology, IT managers are in a position to both make people more productive and ensure that finance has the visibility it needs protect your organisation’s budget and reputation from wasteful spending and abuse.

It’s time to empower your people with modern spend management processes and technology that make life easier for everyone.

SAP is committed to making spend management easier while increasing spend compliance, transparency, accuracy, and control. With SAP Concur solutions, we are reinventing travel, expense and invoice management with technology that simplifies everyday processes and makes work easier – all while protecting your organisation, your data, and your good name. We do this by allowing you to:

  • Eliminate the frustration of submitting paper receipts and manually completing expense and invoice reports
  • Provide simple, user-friendly mobile apps to manage travel and expenses, review invoices, and automatically track mileage
  • Automatically populate, itemise, and categorise expense reports with data from those apps
  • Build internal and statutory compliance requirements into every transaction
  • Keep data up to date across systems through prebuilt integrations
  • Use spend data to increase accuracy and oversight as well as policy and regulatory compliance
  • Interpret and adapt to changing regulations and requirements across all departments
  • Ensure data security through continuous monitoring of all aspects of solution infrastructure


SAP Concur solutions are helping organisations around the globe bring new levels of simplicity, transparency, and accountability to travel, expense and invoice management. It’s time for you to start doing the same.

To learn more about how SAP Concur solutions can help you keep your spending and your people focused on the mission you serve, read our eBook. Then contact us at www.conur.com.au to see how you can get on the path to better expense and invoice management.


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