AI and Machine Learning at Work


For a lot of people, the words “artificial intelligence” (AI) fit neatly into a futuristic, sci-fi narrative that goes something like this: human beings create AI; AI helps at first, but soon begins to think for itself; advanced technology decides its human creators are no longer necessary; calamity and chaos ensue.


Fortunately, it’s still early days for AI and its subset technology, machine learning (ML). And because this advanced technology is very much in the controllable, powerful tech tool phase of its existence, businesses around the world are adopting AI and ML to simplify work process and run more intelligently.


In partnership with Forbes, three scenarios are laid out in which businesses can benefit from AI and ML. From standardising policies to eliminating paper receipts, projecting travel budgets, and giving employees the freedom and ability to make cost-conscious travel choices — AI and ML can be valuable office assistants that help organizations of all sizes to grow, scale, and improve employee satisfaction.

SAP Concur solutions are already helping customers stay ahead of the tech curve with products that use AI and ML to simplify travel, expense, and invoice management. Employees can use their smartphones to take photos of receipts, and then easily upload these to expense reports. Travel information can be pulled into reports from travel booking sites, emails, and corporate credit cards. Accounts payable professionals are saying goodbye to paper receipts and can complete tasks more quickly and accurately.

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