E-receipts reduce paper and make claims easier.

Now, tracking cash expenses is easier than ever. Concur pioneered the delivery of electronic receipts – complete, live and electronic folio data directly from airlines, hotels, and car hire companies that contains the entire record of a supplier transaction. These online receipts feed directly into expense claims to save time and ensure information is accurate.

Just fax or scan receipts directly into Concur – it’s that easy. When on the go, employees can photograph receipts and attach the images to the appropriate expense from their mobile device. Approving managers can view receipt images online to ensure the expense claim is valid, saving time. Digital receipt imaging also helps you retain better records, and reduces paper receipts.

With Concur, expense claims are automatically populated with corporate or personal card data – reducing errors and potential fraud associated with manual entry. As paper use decreases, employee productivity increases!

What’s your key to reducing paper increasing productivity and decreasing T&E errors in your office? Cloud computing – delivered by Concur, an online expense claim process that captures receipt images electronically and attaches them to the appropriate expense claim.