Setting your business up for successful & meaningful change

SAP Concur and Shadé Zahrai are pleased to bring you our latest webinar series to help support your business on its change journey.

  • Shadé Zahrai
  • Psychological Safety
  • Opportunity Mindset
  • Transformative Leader
  • Uncertainty & Wellbeing

Shadé Zahrai

Shade Zahrai

An award-winning leadership strategist, Harvard-trained coach and member of the esteemed Forbes Coaches Council, Shadé Zahrai is a specialist in building a success mindset for business professionals, and enhancing people-centric cultures.

A former commercial lawyer with a background in psychology and strategy consulting, Shadé is recognised for her ability to translate neuroscience and psychology research into practical, actionable strategies to accelerate success. Shadé consults, trains and coaches leaders and teams from startups to Fortune-500s, enhancing change-readiness for transformation.

Create psychological safety to lead change

Faced with an ever-changing landscape, businesses need to ensure they are equipped to implement change successfully. Find out how you can become a transformational leader of impact and influence during change, get equipped with tangible tools and actionable takeaways.

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Embracing an opportunity mindset - Science-backed strategies to thrive during change

Opportunity mindset

Join special guest keynote speaker Shadé Zahrai as she guides us through the neuroscience research behind embracing an opportunity mindset, how to feel more empowered and focused, and how to more effectively influence others.

Shadé will reveal some of the latest evidence-based practices to transform your performance including:

  • Understanding the neuroscience behind how we respond to change
  • Simple mindset mastery strategies to help you thrive and navigate complex emotional states
  • Tips on how to make mindset & behavioural changes long term

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Become a transformative leader of impact

Transformative Leader

It is safe to say that the last two years have forced businesses to embark on or accelerate their business transformation plans. How can businesses continue to navigate this period of change successfully?

Attend our on-demand webinar to learn about key leadership qualities required to lead a successful business transformation. Harvard-trained coach, Shadé Zahrai, will unpack the three steps of mindset, method, and mastery that lead to transformative leadership.

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Actionable Strategies to Navigate Uncertainty & Improve Wellbeing

Navigate uncertainty

The pandemic has disrupted the way we work. How can business leaders and their employees cope with the new world of work?

In this webinar, Shadé Zahrai (Harvard-trained leadership coach) will leave you with a renewed understanding of the meaning of cognitive resilience by tapping into your emotional intelligence, leaving you empowered with a toolkit of must-know resilience strategies to enhance your wellbeing and elevate your performance.

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High-impact stakeholder management

Learn more about strategic communication for impact in your business. Registration is opening soon, make sure you come back to our website to sign up.

Communication Mastery

Discovery of proven tools to foster collaboration and elevate relationships. Registration is opening soon, make sure you come back to our website to sign up.

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