Taking Charge of Duty of Care

duty of care

Corporate safety and security are bigger issues than ever. Organisations of all sizes are focusing more and more on how to best protect their personnel. But what happens when everyone isn’t in the same location? With employees working from multiple offices, working from home, and even travelling to get business done, how do you know who is where at any given moment?

These are the questions organisations often answer with pride but according to SAP Concur customer survey, 53% of organisations don’t have (or don’t know if they have) the resources to assist and extract employees in an emergency and 25% of organisations don’t store or regularly update employee contact information. 

Protecting and supporting employees requires involvement all across the organisation. But HR should take the lead. HR is the one department that works closely with every function of the organisation and HR is the link between the business and its people. Read this ebook to learn how HR can collaborate with security team, finance department and travel managers to support employee safety and reduce risk, while bring peace-of-mind to your people.