Getting Ready for What's Next: Spending Tools to take your business where you want to go

You can only control spending when you can see it, and you can only move
forward when you know what you have to spend.The tools exist to integrate this spending from corporate cards, personal cards, purchasing cards, and even cash into a single, digital process – centralising it so you can see and manage it.

The right solutions also provide the flexibility for customers to select the payment method that best meets their needs in a given situation. Then intelligent controls and workflows kick in, allowing you to do things you simply couldn’t do before. Imagine having all this spending data gathered automatically and available almost instantly, allowing you to know:

  • what's spent before it happens
  • where travellers are headed and how to keep them safe
  • how you're tracking with monthly budgets

Download this brochure for more information on spending tools that will help take your business where you want it to go.