Fuelling Growth: The Role of Finance in the Energy and Natural Resources Industry

In an era of unprecedented change and uncertainty, how can the energy and natural resources industry fuel business growth?

In partnership with market research specialist Vanson Bourne, we conducted research with finance leaders from a range of industries, including energy companies, asking about their strategies for managing spend. As we discovered, future-proofing the organisation means ensuring that finance teams are equipped with the tools they need to control costs effectively.

Of course, finance teams must make tough decisions about budgeting and spending to ensure the organisation remains cost-efficient and targets are met. Finance teams can also advise on where to invest and when to cut back, for example by overseeing and controlling employee spend across expense, travel and invoice costs. But to do this, finance teams within the energy and natural resource industry need full visibility of what is being spent where. However, getting this visibility can be difficult when many organisations are relying on manual or outdated spend management solutions.

Our research revealed how the energy industry is improving processes to prepare for the future. To see how your organisation compares, download the eBook.