Employee Productivity and Empowerment with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur Solutions

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Digital Transformation? Don’t Forget the Human Element. 


Everywhere, business leaders are embarking on digital transformation initiatives to seize new opportunities presented by the digital economy. Across industries, companies are using new technologies to generate insights, engage customers, and deliver better outcomes. From Big Data and cloud computing to the Internet of Things and machine learning, these technologies grab the headlines. But as an HR pro, you know that digital transformation is a profoundly human-centered endeavor.

The fact is, changes in the digital economy demand changes in the way you manage your most valuable asset – your people. To attract and keep the best talent, you need to support the new ways workers work. On the move, these workers demand flexibility and mobile access. For millennials – raised on seamless consumer-grade digital experiences in their personal lives – hassling with a morass of complex, multilayered systems just to do their jobs is a recipe for frustration.

Instead, HR leaders today are looking for digital solutions that simplify the processes that impact employees and contractors alike. As much as the customer experience is a new differentiator in the digital economy, positive employee experiences can help you set your company apart. Digital solutions for employee productivity and empowerment can also keep your people productive by streamlining tasks and improving transparency – all the while helping to improve employee engagement so that you can achieve the retention rates you need to compete successfully.

To help you meet all of these goals and more, SAP offers SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur solutions that support greater simplicity, better employee experiences, improved productivity, and enhanced employee engagement.