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Integrated travel and expense management: The benefits of...
Businesses have not always seen a connection between travel and expense (T&E) management. But since the majority of expense line items are a result of business travel, companies are increasingly considering the use of one solution to cover both processes. When you combine T&E, some questions are easier to...
The growing importance of the finance team for business... PREMIUM
To explore how technologies like AI and big data are affecting Australian finance leaders, Concur invited some of Australia’s leading CFOs to a roundtable. The attendees discussed the effect of technology on their roles, the part big data plays, and what challenges finance leaders will need to address to ensure they extract...
Three Benefits of Concur Locate
Keeping your employees safe is essential. It’s a critical part of your business operation and without data you can depend on, your employees can’t depend on you. Concur offers more comprehensive, accurate and timely employee location data than any other provider so you can: Proactively monitor risks that may impact your employees. Communicate with them and...
5 Steps to Strategic Spend Management PREMIUM
All CFOs are concerned with how their company is spending its money. However, this is of particular concern for CFOs of small to mid-size businesses who need to manage their cash flow effectively to survive. To survive and maintain a competitive advantage, companies need to be strategic in their spending and identify ways...
Top ten tips for your duty of care program PREMIUM

These tips will help you to better support your employees anytime and anywhere. 

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Active Monitoring
Effective duty-of-care begins with the right tools. Concur Risk Messaging provides the data to help organisations see the full picture and to take action. Powered by Risk Messaging and managed by HX Global, Active Monitoring goes a step further to ensure your employees recieve rapid communication and appropriate medical, security and travel assistance, even when you don't have the time or...
Concur Risk Messaging:Travel Managers
Concur Risk Messaging gives the Travel Managers and duty of care teams the tools they need to see all their employees - no matter where they are located or how their travel was booked - all within the intuitive and powerful Concur platform. Risk Messaging makes it easy to see every traveller and non-traveller, assess their risk and keep in contact with them until they reach...
App Center Brochure
The Concur App Centre provides partner apps and services that extend the value of your Concur solution. These apps and services provide greater insights into your total spend, simplify travel and expenses, and bring travellers closer to the perfect business trip by: - Seamlessly connecting innovative apps - giving you insights to better manage your spend. - Easily reduce...
Concur and SAP: The simple, secure way to manage spend
Control your finances with end-to-end, automated data synchronisation between Concur and your SAP business applications on SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. Integrating the world’s most powerful spend management tool with your SAP business applications means you can more effortlessly and accurately manage expenses to get a complete view of your finances in one...
Streamline your systems without investing significant IT...

The end-to-end Concur platform delivers a dynamic spend and travel management solution in a private, hosted environment customised to your needs. With easy implementation and seamless integration with your back-end systems, you can save time and reduce the demands on your current resources.

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Concur Spend Management Overview Demo

Concur Invoice improves your invoice processes and eliminates piles of paper, but that’s only part of the story. Concur’s complete spend management platform provides a single, powerful end-to-end solution for pre-approval and ongoing management of your invoices, expenses and other spending. Concur Invoice gives you actionable insight on your organisation’s spend before, during and after it occurs. Finally, your staff can stay on top of payment due dates and supplier invoices get processed promptly. Easy-to-use reports and dashboards also help you identify opportunities to better manage your bottom line.

Concur Invoice is more than just automation. When leveraging the full Concur platform, the user experience is consistent throughout and will help your organisation gain control over your spending - from the initial purchase request and invoice capture all the way through to vendor payment.

Concur Invoice Overview Video (1:54)

Watch this video and see how automating payment and processing of your invoices can help you reduce paperwork, improve vendor management and see company spending clearly.

Concur Locate & Active Monitoring Overview Video

To continue meeting your duty-of-care obligations, you need the ability to locate your people anywhere and communicate with them in any situation. No matter where your employees are, whatever threat is approaching and however their travel was booked, Concur makes it easy to ensure the safety and security of your organisation’s most valuable assets, your people

Overcome the growing complexity in corporate travel

Controlling costs, getting better rates, keeping employees safe. Managing corporate travel is challenging and it's only getting more challenging as corporate travel gets more and more complex. As smartphones and mobile apps open new channels, as hotels and airlines talk to employees, and as employees expect the same efficiency they get from consumer apps. A traditional travel booking tool isn't enough anymore, even if it's loosely linked to expense reporting software.

You need a new approach to succeed in a complex world. One that gives you the power to see and manage all travel, no matter how it was booked. One that helps employees stay in policy and stay productive and an approach that makes it simple for you to know where your employees are, no matter how they got there and to reach them quickly in times of need.

Only Concur enables you to fully integrate your travel and expense ecosystem. You'll give your employees a safe, productive, and effortless travel experience from start to finish while you get full visibility and control to better manage travel. Overcome the growing complexity of corporate travel today. Reach your goals with Concur.

Watch an expense report that writes itself!

What if expense reports could write themselves? Join Barry Padgett, Chief Product Officer at Concur, as he demonstrates how an expense report can write itself - from booking a trip, to adding attendees from a client lunch, to automatically uploading electronic receipts, to simply snapping a photo of a paper receipt with the Concur mobile app.

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ON-DEMAND Webinar - AP Automation PREMIUM
Does your current Accounts Payable (AP) process mean you are dealing with piles of paper and spending hours chasing invoices, with no real visibility into spend? There is a better way that will save you money. Watch this 20 minute webinar to find out how invoice automation can: • give you the exact status of each invoice, no matter where it is in the...
ADP and Concur Webinar: FBT - the important bits you miss PREMIUM

Join Angela Lehman from ADP and Georgina Crowe from Concur as they share with you their experience around 5 commonly made FBT mistakes that companies make with FBT management and reporting. 

ON-DEMAND Webinar – Reduce your meal entertainment FBT... PREMIUM
What method do you use to calculate Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) liability? And how confident are you that this is the right method? Watch this Deloitte and Concur webinar and learn:   the latest advice on FBT liability best practice to ensure ATO compliance a demo of Concur’s analytics dashboard, showing just how easy it will be to...
Concur Audit - Keeping a closer eye on compliance PREMIUM
Find out how Concur Audit can:  • Ensure that all compliant tax amounts are claimed  • Protect your business from tax over-claim and potential compliance penalties  • Ensure that the receipts submitted, really are tax invoices  • Match receipts to expense claim line items and make amends  • Check each expense is within your...
ON-DEMAND Webinar - Improve your bottom line with accounts... PREMIUM

Manual data entry, lost invoices, long cycle times, and lack of visibility - does any of this sound familiar? You are not alone. Watch this webinar to hear how organisations are able to use technology to see the bigger picture and manage their spend with a holistic view of their data.

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Automotive Holdings

Concur helps AHG standardise processes across a diverse range of businesses.Summary (Home) AHG has acquired close to 20 businesses over the past 2 years and needed to find service providers who can partner with them to support the growth and complexity of their business group. Before Concur, the AHG expense management process was paper based. The automotive business, the refrigerated logistics and the other logistics businesses are each completely different operations with different systems.The group has up to 6 different ERP systems, so having the consistent platform of Concur to manage travel and expenses has made things a lot more efficient and more enjoyable for employees being reimbursed for their claims.By the time Concur is fully implemented across all business units, AHG estimates a return of investment of around 300%.


"The biggest benefit of implementing Concur is our ability to standardise processes across a large and diverse range of businesses." - Andrew Chilcott, Head of Management Accounting.