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Oxford Economics: Managing An Expansion - Keys to...
Few business expansions come without growing pains. Heavier workloads, changing processes, a larger workforce, and unfamiliar regulations in a new market can add complexity to even the best-run company. Growth may be a good problem to have, but it is rarely easy. To understand the challenges and how successful enterprises are meeting them, SAP Concur and Oxford...
Executive Summary: Empower Organisations to Digitally... PREMIUM
On their journey to digital transformation (DX), organisations across the globe are taking steps to run their business on cloud enterprise applications. Expense, travel, and invoice management applications are an obvious investment choice to quickly transform business processes by increasing compliance and bringing a large amount of spend under management. In this white paper, IDC...
Fuelling Business Growth: How Finance Leaders Can Drive... PREMIUM
Where is your business on the path to growth? How can the finance team help take you to the next level? What could you do differently to mitigate risk, become more strategic and prepare for the future? In 2018, market research specialist, Vanson Bourne, surveyed 500 finance leaders to explore growth strategies amidst a changing economic...
Detecting and Preventing Cybercrime and Fraud in Finance
CFOs and the finance team present highly attractive and potentially lucrative targets when it comes to cybercrime and fraud. The fi nancial centre of an organisation is the ideal spot for hackers motivated by monetary gain to target their efforts. SAP Concur invited CFOs from some of Australia’s leading businesses to a series of roundtables where they discussed their cybercrime and...
IDC - Empower Organisations to Digitally Transform Their... PREMIUM
Organisations across the globe are undertaking digital transformation (DX) journeys to maximise employee productivity, reduce operating expenses, and improve business performance. One of the primary steps taken by organisations on this DX journey is making investments in cloud enterprise applications to automate their business processes. In particular, expense, travel, and invoice management...
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SAP Concur and Uber for Business Integration
SAP Concur and Uber for Business eliminate the hassle of receipts while reducing ground transportation spend.   With just a few clicks, you can start managing how your employees travel with Uber and expense their rides.  No more chasing lost receipts or reminding employees about policy - Uber for Business enables you to provide best-in-class employee experience via...
Brochure: Integrate best-in-class SAP applications with...
Control your finance with end-to-end, automated data synchronization between SAP Concur and your SAP business applications on SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. Integrating the world’s most powerful spend management tool with your SAP business applications means you can more effortlessly and accurately 
10 Benefits of Concur Expense

Here’s 10 reasons why your business should consider Concur Expense. From reducing costs, mitigating risks and improving compliance, there are a number of benefits to be realised by taking control of your employee expense process. Automation is just the start – find out more about how SAP Concur can help you.

Gain Control and Compliance of Public Sector Spend with...

SAP Concur takes public sector organisations beyond automation to a completely connected spend management solution encompassing travel, expense, invoice, compliance and risk.

Compliance Tip Sheet

Tip sheet to set your organisation up for success by establishing the right policies, training and T&E best practices from the beginning.

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Transforming T&E in Energy Companies

How is your energy company going to change in the next decade? As the industry continues its rapid evolution, you need the right tools to enable growth, compliance, safety and security. SAP Concur helps energy companies see spending clearly and manage it proactively—controlling costs, staying in regulatory compliance, and simplifying complex global travel to project sites.

Improve Compliance and Reduce Risk for Expense, Travel, and Invoice Processes with SAP Concur

Discover how SAP Concur solutions empower finance leaders to control employee spend, improve compliance, and reduce risk by bringing intelligence to expense, travel, and invoice processes.

SAP Concur Solutions: Improve Compliance and Reduce Risk for Expense, Travel, and Invoice Processes

Discover how SAP Concur solutions empower finance leaders to control employee spend, improve compliance, and reduce risk by bringing intelligent to expense, travel, and invoice processes.

SAP Integration with Concur Solutions

SAP systems automatically integrate with SAP Concur, so you can better manage company spend.

End-to-end, automated data synchronization between SAP Concur and your SAP business applications on SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA provides you more visibility into your employee spend. Integrating the world's most powerful solutions for spend management with your SAP business applications means you can more effortlessly and accurately manage expenses to get a complete view of your company spend in one place.

SAP Concur in the Public Sector

At SAP Concur, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes. We also have industry expertise, to ensure we advise our customers on best practices specific to their organisation. Watch this video to see how SAP Concur supports the public sector.

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ON-DEMAND Webinar - AP Automation PREMIUM
Does your current Accounts Payable (AP) process mean you are dealing with piles of paper and spending hours chasing invoices, with no real visibility into spend? There is a better way that will save you money. Watch this 20 minute webinar to find out how invoice automation can: • give you the exact status of each invoice, no matter where it is in the...
ADP and Concur Webinar: FBT - the important bits you miss PREMIUM

Join Angela Lehman from ADP and Georgina Crowe from Concur as they share with you their experience around 5 commonly made FBT mistakes that companies make with FBT management and reporting. 

ON-DEMAND Webinar – Reduce your meal entertainment FBT... PREMIUM
What method do you use to calculate Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) liability? And how confident are you that this is the right method? Watch this Deloitte and SAP Concur webinar and learn:   advice on FBT liability best practice to ensure ATO compliance a demo of SAP Concur’s analytics dashboard, showing just how easy it will be to calculate...
Concur Audit - Keeping a closer eye on compliance PREMIUM
Find out how Concur Audit can:  • Ensure that all compliant tax amounts are claimed  • Protect your business from tax over-claim and potential compliance penalties  • Ensure that the receipts submitted, really are tax invoices  • Match receipts to expense claim line items and make amends  • Check each expense is within your...
ON-DEMAND Webinar - Improve your bottom line with accounts... PREMIUM

Manual data entry, lost invoices, long cycle times, and lack of visibility - does any of this sound familiar? You are not alone. Watch this webinar to hear how organisations are able to use technology to see the bigger picture and manage their spend with a holistic view of their data.

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Automotive Holdings

Concur helps AHG standardise processes across a diverse range of businesses.Summary (Home) AHG has acquired close to 20 businesses over the past 2 years and needed to find service providers who can partner with them to support the growth and complexity of their business group. Before Concur, the AHG expense management process was paper based. The automotive business, the refrigerated logistics and the other logistics businesses are each completely different operations with different systems.The group has up to 6 different ERP systems, so having the consistent platform of Concur to manage travel and expenses has made things a lot more efficient and more enjoyable for employees being reimbursed for their claims.By the time Concur is fully implemented across all business units, AHG estimates a return of investment of around 300%.


"The biggest benefit of implementing Concur is our ability to standardise processes across a large and diverse range of businesses." - Andrew Chilcott, Head of Management Accounting.