How AP Automation Can Help Businesses Gain Better Control Over Spend

The challenges of 2020 and beyond revealed business inefficiencies for most. A 

How Expense Automation Supports Business Recovery and Growth

As companies of all sizes prepare for the coming economic recovery, controlling spend and optimising cash flow can help them be more resilient. But the key to controlling spend and optimising cash flow can prove elusive—particularly if a business relies on manual processes for expense manage...

There’s No Spend to Waste: Why It’s Time to Fully Automate Your Spend Management

In  May 2021, Oxford Economics and the SAP Concur organisation 

Charting a new course in 2021 for employee expense management

Before COVID-19, employee discretionary spend was often the second largest operating expense after wages for many organisations.

That spending declined dramatically last year, as lockdowns ensured there was no spending on hotel rooms, airfares or meals, as business travel and client ent...

AI: It’s Not as Intimidating as It Seems

Most people interact with some form of artificial intelligence (AI) almost daily. AI bots are setting our reminders, suggesting our newest favorite products, and even making our appointments. But the benefits of AI extend beyond our persona...

Simplify Vendor Invoicing and Stay Top of Spend with Our Free Invoice Policy Template

Simple, accurate vendor invoicing is critical to your business’ ability to manage spend.  

Unfortunately, there are many errors that can happen along the way – from unauthorised and double payments to matching errors, data ...

How Resilient are Your Spend Processes? A Checklist for 2021

Companies around the world are looking for ways to move business forward in 2021. Consider this statistic from a September 2020 report by Aberdeen Research:

67% of companies worldwide have shown a noticeable to significant drop in revenue, with 24% indicating an in...

Study Calculates Big Value for Companies Using Concur Invoice

Whether business is booming or times are tough, the current landscape is defined by uncertainty.

As any finance leader will tell you, containing costs and controlling cash fl...

Stay Resilient and Thrive with an Experienced Spend Management Partner

2020 has been an exceptionally volatile year for business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken global economies in ways we have not seen for nearly a century. Some businesses have prospered while others struggle. Whatever your situation, keeping a close eye on costs and staying on top of c...

How SAP Concur Solutions Helped the Peabody Essex Museum's Virtual Transformation

When COVID-19 emerged earlier this year, businesses around the world were forced to make changes both large and small to stay afloat. Retailers shifted their business online. Restaurants moved to take away only. Offices closed and