Coffee with Fab

Customer interviews with Fabian Calle
Managing Director, SMB (A/NZ) SAP Concur

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to Coffee with Fab. Throughout this series I combine two of my great loves; coffee and meeting our customers. In each episode I sit down with a customer for a 15 minute Zoom chat and get to know them, learn about their company, and discuss where they are in their customer journey.

Our customers are our lifeblood, we grow with our customers, and when times are tough, we are there to help. If you would like to have a coffee with me and talk about where you and your organisation is at, I’d like to listen. Let me know if you would like a ‘Coffee with Fab’.


Episode 3: Chris Allenby, Chief Financial Officer at Lewis Land Group

Chris Allenby, Chief Financial Officer, at property developer Lewis Land, talks to Fab about starting his “second career” at Lewis Land after 26 years at KPMG, the impacts of COVID-19 on his home-life and work-life and how his experience as an end-user of Concur Expense at KPMG lead to implementing the expense automation solution at Lewis Land.

Episode 2: Alexandra Thorogood, SAP Program Manager at RPC Technologies

Alexandra (Lexy) Thorogood, SAP Program Manager at RPC Technologies, talks to Fab about living in Italy for eight years with her four-time World Enduro Champion husband, digital transformation at RPC Technologies and the move to SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP, touchless expense approvals with the Concur platform, and developing a resilient supply chain to withstand the effects of COVID.

Episode 1: Brendan Tanner, Head of Finance, McGrathNicol

Brendan Tanner, Head of Finance, McGrathNicol, talks to Fab about his kiwi origins, his career path leading up to McGrathNicol, the impacts of COVID-19 and how McGrathNicol came across Concur Invoice during the company’s move to SAP’s ERP S/4HANA Cloud.

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