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Mobile App dramatically improves user experience

The implementation of the Concur mobile app with ExpenseIt for receipt management has enabled Curtin University to automate a lot of the manual receipt handling and simplify the user experience, freeing up time for the Finance team to spend on more strategic activities, saving costs and reducing the delays in expense claim processing and reimbursements.

Curtin's expense management process was previously very manual with significant delays before staff and students could be reimbursed. With the introduction of the Concur mobile app, Curtin took the opportunity to completely reconfigure the system and the expense management processes and they are now receiving positive feedback that the app is easy to use and saves time. In addition, expense claim errors have been reduced by 30% and real-time data has improved compliance reporting. Read the full story by downloading the PDF document on the right hand side of this page. 

Automating just 20-30% of our expense claims was enough for us to achieve a return on investment for the project.  - Anita Treasure, Business Solutions Designer








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