TAL Australia

Empowering employees with a better user experience to improve speed, compliance and reporting

TAL is one of Australia's leading life insurance companies, insuring over 4 million Australians. TAL has won many accolades, more recently the Employer of the Year Award. Having doubled in size over a period of 7 years, TAL is highly focused on keeping up with technology to motivate and empower employees when it comes to expenses.

Prior to Concur, TAL identified the need to eliminate manual paper processing, increase visibility of expenses with better reporting, improve policy compliance and simultaneously provide a better user experience for their employees.

Concur was the first system implemented by TAL to provide a mobile friendly solution, and due to its success, it has set a precedent for other systems being launched within the organisation. User ratings continuously score highly and policy compliance is closer to 100% than ever before.  Watch the full story in the video below.

The most important benefit we've got is improvement in user experience.  Our users are so happy with Concur: the flexibility, the mobility, the ease of use...

- Rahima Rajwani, Payments Manager








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