Citic Pacific Mining

Concur Invoice has reduced processing cycle time from 23 to 4 days.

With on average 4500 invoices and 90 expense claims monthly, Citic Pacific needed to change their highly manual paper-based Accounts Payable and Expense Management processes.  They made the decision to implement Concur Invoice and Concur Expense, including integration with their SAP ERP, their corporate card and HR database providers. 

As a result of implementing Concur Expense, the reimbursement time for employees has been shortened by 70% as expense approval workflows have been automated. Concur Invoice has reduced the invoice processing cycle time from 23 down to four days. Up to 80% of invoices are expected to pass through the robotic process automation without any manual intervention. 

“Concur is allowing us to focus on more value-added work such as sorting vendor queries quickly, making payments within the agreed payment terms, and removing the need for manual data entry.” - Pablo Nico, Accounts Payable, Project Supervisor, CITIC Pacific Mining.




Perth, Western Australia


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