PETRONAS reduces travel and expense costs by more than 20%


As part of PETRONAS’ digital transformation, the company is focused on adopting solutions that provide a positive experience for its employees. Moving from an on-premise SAP expense management solution to cloud-based SAP Concur solutions has allowed the company to deliver a single travel and expense platform to support its global presence without compromising user experience.

The new process makes it easier for employees to complete travel booking and submit expense claims – saving more than 30 minutes per transaction – and allows approvers and the finance team to finalise and process payments more quickly. The company estimates it has reduced travel and expense costs by more than 20% and the travel and expense program is now able to pursue more environmentally friendly, sustainable practices.

2024 SAP Concur Innovation Award Winner


"The journey with SAP Concur is not just about scaling up, it is also to partner with SAP Concur to see how they can bring new technology or future-proofed technology to PETRONAS."

Hafizan Habeeb Rahman, General Manager, Enterprise Modernisation








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