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Concur Invoice

Spending today is immediate, trackable and mobile so organisations can move faster and be more flexible. Invoice processing should be just as quick, easy and beneficial.

Your financial management and Accounts Payable (AP) teams are essential to driving your business forward. However, they often get bogged down with manual data entry, errors and handling exceptions. Additionally, focus on manual work complicates better cash management processes. Organisations need automation—as well as control and visibility—to keep track of user-driven spend and cash flow across their entire organisation, and to transform AP into a hub of useful financial data.

Concur® Invoice frees your financial teams to drive business forward. You can use one simple system to approve purchase requests, capture invoices and make payments.

Concur Invoice eliminates piles of paper, drastically reduces invoice- processing time, and—because it integrates invoices with T&E payments in a single system—provides one dashboard to monitor and manage all your business spending. You will have actionable insights into your organisation’s spend before, during and after it occurs to help you identify opportunities to better manage your bottom line.