IDC Report Snapshot: SAP Concur Facilitates Automated Management of Financial Operations

Digital transformation offers finance leaders the opportunity to revolutionise vendor invoice management by automating manual processes into intelligent, digital workflows. As a result, accounts payable (AP) departments are rapidly adopting new technologies to take advantage of this new digital paradigm. As digital transformation continues to evolve, organisations are now more focused than ever on leveraging a modern invoice management solution to drive business value.

One of these solutions is Concur Invoice. IDC interviewed eight organisations running workloads using Concur Invoice. The survey data obtained and applied to IDC’s Business Value model showed that study participants are realising significant value with the SAP offering. IDC calculates that study participants will achieve average annual benefits of $662,700 per organisation ($3,258 per 1,000 invoices), which would result in a three-year return on investment (ROI) of 634%. 

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