Overcome the growing complexity in corporate travel

Controlling costs, getting better rates, keeping employees safe. Managing corporate travel is challenging and it's only getting more challenging as corporate travel gets more and more complex. As smartphones and mobile apps open new channels, as hotels and airlines talk to employees, and as employees expect the same efficiency they get from consumer apps. A traditional travel booking tool isn't enough anymore, even if it's loosely linked to expense reporting software.

You need a new approach to succeed in a complex world. One that gives you the power to see and manage all travel, no matter how it was booked. One that helps employees stay in policy and stay productive and an approach that makes it simple for you to know where your employees are, no matter how they got there and to reach them quickly in times of need.

Only Concur enables you to fully integrate your travel and expense ecosystem. You'll give your employees a safe, productive, and effortless travel experience from start to finish while you get full visibility and control to better manage travel. Overcome the growing complexity of corporate travel today. Reach your goals with Concur.