Duty of Care: Protecting Your Travellers Protects Your Bottom Line with Deloitte

Protecting Your Travellers protects your bottom line

Over the past few years, employee wellness has taken center stage as leaders are increasingly expected to weave wellness into the fabric of their companies. And that’s exactly why duty of care — an organisation’s legal obligation to protect employees from harm — matters.

When business leaders create a safe environment for their employees, it establishes employee trust and loyalty. Beyond that, predicting risk, taking preventative measures, and responding quickly to crises help maintain business continuity. The bottom line? Businesses are beginning to view duty of care as a strategic tool to protect their workers while strengthening and sustaining their organisation.

In this episode of the SAP Concur Conversations podcast, Oren Geshuri of Deloitte explores what it means to keep employees safe in a complex world and how top business leaders embed employee wellness into their travel programs and incorporate duty of care into their company culture.